Stretching Post

For years pain sufferers around the world have relied on the patented design of the Stretching Post to get relief from back pain. Developed by back pain specialists, The Stretching Post is a natural and effective traction device that works to provide instant relief to your back pain.

The Stretching Post Package includes:

  1. Stretching Post
  2. Instructional Manual

What is the Stretching Post?

-Say goodbye to back pain! The Stretching Post is an innovative stretching device that naturally relieves back pain by stretching tight and achy back muscles and joints.
-Its patented design works by providing gently traction to your spine and comfortably stretches tight and stiff back muscles.
-Natural, safe, and effective back pain relief Easy-to-use design to ease pain and help correct posture.
-Its innovative yet simple design gives you a way to ease your pain.  Customize the level and location of traction that is applied to your back.
-The Stretching Post provides lumbar support, lower back pain relief, counters the effects of sitting in a car or working in an office environment.
-The Stretching Post is made of lightweight aluminum making it easy to transport and store.
-Its padded handlebars provide a comfortable grip.

How does the Stretching Post work?

The Stretching Post works to:

  • Significantly relieve pain
  • Significantly reduce muscle tension and spasms
  • Stretch back muscles and joints